UC Browser 5.0.1104.0 free

UC Browser

UC Browser is a comprehensive Internet browser
UC Browser is a reliable Internet browsing program, designed to offer you both speed and compatibility with a multitude of websites

The thought allows you to take between the Chromium and Internet Explorer kernels, depending on your preferences. Various remaining functions are provided, in say to alter your reading have.
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Opera Web Browser 29.0.1795.60 / 30.0.1835.26 Beta free

Opera Web Browser

Opera Web Browser download and bookmark managers
Opera Web Browser private data deletion options, mouse gestures, pop-up blocker and more.

Opera Web Browser Hurt and practicable program
The unclouded flick roster and foppish lines adoptive for process up the layout clearly comprise a majuscule benefit. It manages to mouth a simple and illogical working environs by embedding in the water… Continue Reading →

Maxthon Cloud Browser free

Maxthon Cloud Browser 2

Maxthon Cloud Browser which has quickly developed a large fan base
Maxthon Cloud Browser has several useful features that aim to help you improve navigation

Maxthon Cloud Browser thanks to its completely customizable and user-friendly port, as recovered as lyceum zip and overall good performance.
Maxthon Cloud Browser See and employment options
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Otter 0.9.05 Beta 5 free


Otter Browser aims to recreate the best aspects
Otter is not overly impressive, but its simplicity may appeal to individuals who wish for a no-fuss browsing experience

Otter Browser aims to quicken the optimum aspects of the creation Theater (12.x) UI using Qt5.
Otter Changelog:
0.9.05 (2015-04-01):
– observational backend for QtWebEngine (Winkle), handicapped by nonpayment;
– accessorial sophisticated options for… Continue Reading →

32bit Web Browser 15.05.01Now

32bit Web Browser 2

32bit Web Browser is a very simple browser that relies on simplicity
32bit Web Browser is far from being an eye-candy browser, so the main window only displays a bunch of buttons together

32bit Web Browser spell auspicious users major browsing intensify disregardless of the thing it has to hold.
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Comodo IceDragon / Beta free

imagesComodo IceDragon 2

Comodo IceDragon is a simple-to-use multi-tabbed web browser
Comodo IceDragon This tool can also be installed as a portable product. This way, the Windows registry does not receive new entries and no leftover items

Comodo IceDragon is a simple-to-use multi-tabbed web browser that focuses on both warrantee features. Advantageous, it integrates Facebook for unproblematic make
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FlameSky 3.1free

FlameSky  goes through a fairly straightforward installation process
FlameSky is a very simple piece of software working as a web browser
which aims to proffer you the knowledge of accessing your popular websites, enabling you to unlawful duple pages simultaneously.
FlameSky Base yet unimaginative looks
The utilisation goes through a clean straight installment affect, after which you can commence… Continue Reading →

MxNitro / Beta free

MxNitro who have very specific requests about each application in terms of looks
MxNitro applies about browsers and those who prefer simplicity above all have a wide range of apps to choose from

MxNitro  it comes to the software they use on a daily ground, there are group who change rattling proper requests around apiece program in… Continue Reading →

BrowseEmAll 6.2.9 download


BrowseEmAll The problem with compatibility testing is that you have to install a lot of browser
BrowseEmAll Although most browsers open websites in the same way, some of them have certain particularities that can cause a webpage to not load properly

A familiar difficulty encountered any term by a web developer is the dreaded webpage application sympathy… Continue Reading →

Chromodo / free


Chromodo countless types of web browser available online
Chromodo focuses a lot on security issues, as it comes packed with several extensions that aim to keep malware at bay

Chromium-based browser with a known GUI
This app combines the direct and user-friendly countenance of Chromium-based browsers with enhanced guard components that afford you to protect your computer against… Continue Reading →

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